Thursday 5 October 2017

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Session 3 – Seizing the Potential

Chair: Ms Nic Black, General Manager Strategy & Business Development, Elgas

LPG used in the transportation, power generation, agriculture or domestic sectors can bring a wealth of opportunity and open new markets. How can these applications impact the demand and catalyse the development of markets in either developed or developing countries and where will opportunities emerge?

  • Mr Chistophe Casabonne, Engie
  • Ms Roberta Brenner, Ultragaz
  • Mr Ashutosh Gupta, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  • Mr Tucker Perkins, Propane Education & Research Council

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Session 4 - Harnessing Diversity

Chair: Ms Olaposi Williams, CEO, OVH Energy Marketing

Diversity is critical for any organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt in today’s fast-changing environment and is essential to the growth and prosperity of any company. Studies show that truly successful and innovative companies are those that build diverse teams from day one. Explore how a focus on diversity can benefit business.

  • Ms Nikki Brown, WINLPG
  • Ms Elifcan Yazgan, Aygaz
  • Ms Kesnia Khoruzhnikova, G200 Association
  • Mr Yanis Lammari, Youth ID
  • Mr Benedikt Hoskuldsson, See4all 

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Session 5 - Unlocking Africa

Chair: Mr Blaise Edja, Operations & HSSEQ Director, Oryx Energies SA

Unlocking the opportunities for LPG in Africa is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Per capita consumption in most African countries is very low. Traditional fuels dominate the domestic energy scene causing environmental damage, social issues and creating health risks. Bad practices are often in evidence where LPG does exist but this inhibits investment and infrastructure is needed to provide more people with access to LPG. How do we solve this conundrum?

  • Mr Kimball Chen, ETG
  • Mr Joseph Eromosele, NLPGA
  • Mr Moses Kithinji, Kenyan NOC
  • Ms Bessem Enonchong, Kosan Crisplant
  • Mr Nabil Medkouri, Vivo Energy Morocco

Closing of the 30th World LPG Forum &

Opening of the 31st World LPG Forum