The Global Technology Conference


The 10th Global Technology Conference (GTC-2017) 
is organised as a part of the 30th World LPG Forum in Marakech and will take place on Tuesday 3rd October 2017.
It is a half day event showcasing up to ten papers describing some of the most important and innovative technology being discovered in the global LPG industry today.

The primary aim of the GTC-2017 is to showcase the most innovative and original technological ideas from around the world and create new opportunities for the LPG industry. It brings the LPG industry together, represented by all its stakeholders, from research entities to academic partners, LPG producing companies to equipment manufacturers, LPG distributors as well as the total supply distribution chain and beyond it.

The preceding Global Technology Conferences that took place in Chicago, Seoul, Madrid, Doha, Bali, London, Miami, Singapore and Florence were extremely successful and included presentations from all corners of the world. Typically over 200 delegates attend the GTC. 

Our goal is to make the GTC in Marrakech the best ever and once again we will invite all the Forum exhibitors to attend the GTC sessions. 

Discover the GTC2017 brochure download here the Submission Guidelines.

More information is available here: WLPGA - Global Technology Conference